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This book presents the Proceedings of the DoE/NBS Workshop on Environmental Speciation and Monitoring Needs for Trace Metal-Containing Substances from Energy Related Processes held at the National Bureau of Standards , Gaithersburg, MD, on May 18-20, 1981. The Workshop was sponsored by the Office of Health and Environmental Research, DoE, and the Office of Recycled Materials, NBS. The volume contains refereed papers submitted by 24 invited speakers, along with substantially complete text of the discussion following the papers, edited by the Co-chairpersons. The Proceedings address three major topic areas forming the overall objective of the Workshop: (1) What are the general and specific types of metal- or metalloid-containing substances occurring in energy-related process materials such as coals, oil shales, and waste products. (2) What are the current status and future prospects of element- and compound-specific measurement methods suitable for speciation of trace (ppm, ppb) metal- and metalloid-containing substances transmitted to the environment by energy-processing or waste cycling technologies. (3) For what toxic molecular forms of speciated process effluents should biological dose-response data be generated to assure reliable environmental impact and monitoring measurements. Main questions focused on providing assurance that the speciation methods (or their development) fit basic bioassay criteria along with appropriate standard reference materials for meeting quantitative process and waste monitoring or control needs. 1
United States. Dept. of the Interior 1
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